Music Norway at the Øya Festival – Kathrine Synnes Finnskog

Kathrine Synnes Finnskog, managing director Music Norway.

Skrevet av Rebeca 06.08.2019

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The Øya Festival is celebrating its 20th year, and the delegate program Øya International has been going simultaneously for 15 of them. Kathrine Synnes Finnskog, managing director of Music Norway, is a part of the Øya International team. She will be available in the mixed zone and participate in parts of the delegate program. And of course, see a lot of concerts.

– What is your favorite moment at the Øya Festival during these 20 years?

– Maybe the most difficult question ever?! I have been to all of them, so it’s fair to say that Øya is my high five of the year! Meeting friends, grab a beer in the sun, and hit the fields to find a band to dance too. 2006 stands out as a special year, when I hooked up with my husband to be at Øya.

– What are you looking forward to this year?

– I love Sigrid’s energy, and I have been following her for years. We come from the same city in Norway, Ålesund, and I think we share a common love for that place and its people. I missed The Cure at Roskilde, but they reportedly did and amazing show I hope they repeat at Øya. I’m excited to see new talents, and this year’s talk of town is KAMARA. I will not miss Razika’s last show ever, I always love to watch Unge Ferrari, and the last artist that made me cry was Marja Mortensson – don’t miss her show!

– Where would you recommend the international guests to eat?

– The first Monday after Øya, the Music Norway team will go to Lille Herbern to eat shrimp and crab. You go by boat from Aker Brygge and out to a small island in the fjord. 10 minutes from downtown Oslo! For Thai, I go to Lille Saigon that has the best Thai in the world. At a great price! For pizza I go to Villa Paradiso in Grünerløkka, and for a real dining experience, Katla, which is the new hot space of former Pjoltergeist chef Atli Már Yngvason.

– What landmarks should people see in Oslo?

– Take a walk (or an e-scooter) at Havnepromendaen by the fjord in downtown Oslo. That hike will give you Vippa, SALT art & music, Astrup Fearnley, Sørenga og the Opera House. Bring swimming gear!