Nordic Music Biz Top 20 Under 30

Open for submissions of candidates from the wider Nordic Music industry.

Skrevet av Tina Brodal 26.04.2021

Top20under30 Nordic Music Biz2020
Top 20 under 30 Nordic Music Biz 2020 during the award ceremony at by:Larm 2020

For the fourth year running NOMEX are looking for 20 young industry players under the age of 30 who are at the forefront of bringing Nordic music to the world in its respective year, and to present and celebrate them at the Nordic Music Biz Top 20 Under 30, 2021.

Do you have a colleague, employee, business acquaintance, or know someone who has put their mark on the industry in 2020? If so, please nominate your suggested candidates in the scheme below by Wednesday 12 May.

Recruitment more important than ever
With the COVID-19 pandemic, we see that the recruitment of young people into the music industry is more important than ever. We have experienced that we work in a fragile industry and it’s crucial to show to the new generation of managers, labels, agents, festivals, etc. that it is a safe and rewarding industry to work in and to choose as a career. It is also vital to make sure that our artists have talented people to work with them and look out for their best interest in the future.

To be eligible, candidates must work in a Nordic-based music or entertainment company, or cultural organization with close ties to the music industry. Candidates who turned 30 in 2020 are eligible.

A panel comprised of 15 key music industry players across the five Nordic countries will research and discuss all submitted candidates before selecting the final 20.

While determining the Top 20, the jury will weigh a variety of factors, including, but not limited to; company growth, career trajectory, reputation among peers, the overall impact in the industry in 2020, artistic development, innovation in their field, touring revenue, ticket sales, and social media presence.

Top 20 Under 30 commits to having a 50/50 gender balance and pledges to reflect significant diversity in all areas.

The award will be presented on September 30th at by:Larm festival, the largest gathering of the Nordic music industry and artists in the world

Previous winner testimonies:

“It was a great honor to receive this award. The five Nordic Music Export offices and the jury have created a fantastic forum for the new music industry to meet, collaborate, and share big ideas for what’s next in this fast-paced and dynamic industry. I was impressed by the fellow winners who have accomplished achievements spanning across the whole ecosystem of music. The award recognizes the A&Rs, managers, labels, publishers, CMOs, PR, legal affairs, bookers, and agents who all work together with artists, musicians, and songwriters with the aim to contribute to a thriving music industry in their home country and abroad.”

– Christopher Thordson, Commercial Manager, IFPI Sweden

“Being chosen as one of 2020’s Nordic Music Biz’ 20 Under 30 was a great honor. Because of it I now have a new Nordic network of clever, innovative, and inspiring “colleagues”. I look forward to continuing to share experiences, challenges, and ideas across our national borders and I’m grateful that this award caters for and encourages that.”

– Agnes Kristiansen, Head of Domestic Repertoire, Sony Music Norway

More info regarding Nordic Music Biz Top 20 Under 30 here.