Norwegian collaborations for Eurovision 2022

Einar Kvaløy has co-written the Czech Republic's contribution Lights Off

Skrevet av Kristiane Lunde 25.01.2022

Songwriting camp CZ foto Michal Havlicek
Abi F. Jones, Dominika Hasek, Benjamin Rekstad, Einar Eriksen Kvaløy (foto: Michal Havlicek)

In September, Einar Kvaløy went to the Czech Republic to take part in Songwriting Camp CZ with other international producers, composers, lyricists and performers. The result was the song Lights Off which won the Czech Eurovision final, and will be their contribution in Eurovision 2022 in Turin, Italy.

- This summer, we in Arctic Rights Management were contacted by the organizer of the camp where they requested a top liner and a producer, as we had worked with the organizer earlier. We talked with our songwriters about who would like to travel, and sent a list down to the Czech Republic. They selected three people from us, including Einar. We ordered planes and arranged practical things, as well as applied for and received travel support from Music Norway, says Øyvind Strønen, A&R in Arctic Rights Management.

- For us, it's easy with Einar. His level of knowledge and efficiency as a producer is so good that for us we only do the practical thing by getting him down to a camp, and then everything he touches becomes gold that everyone wants a piece of. This was also the case this time, says Strønen.

Kvaløy says that they were divided into groups every morning at the camp.

- The first day we wrote a song from the morning until quite late in the afternoon, and when we finished it, we thought we would use the last hours of the day to write another song - and that's how Lights Off was made. So it was a very quick process, says Kvaløy about how the Eurovision contribution was made.

Einar Kvaloy foto Niko Jalauzidis
Benjamin Rekstad, Dominika Hasek, Casper Hatlestad, Einar Eriksen Kvaløy (foto: Niko Jalauzidis)

We Are Domi who perform the song is a Czech / Norwegian band and consists of Dominika Hasek, guitarist Casper Bjelland Hatlestad from Stavanger and keyboardist Benjamin Rekstad from Nesodden.

- We made that song, went home to Norway again, "forgot" about it and did not think much about it. At the end of October, I received a message from Benjamin, who plays synth in the band, who told me that the song was chosen as a finalist Czech Eurovision final. Then they flew me down to Prague to finish it, so then I got to produce the song as well. I'm very happy about ending up in the top 10, but right now I’m just grateful that I have ended up in the Eurovision universe and that we get to go to Turin, says Kvaløy.

In addition to the Czech Republic's contribution, Greece has also chosen a Norwegian contribution as its winner. Artist Amanda Tenfjord, who is half Norwegian and half Greek, will fight for first place in Eurovision with a currently unannounced song.

There is also Norwegian involvement in the Swedish Eurovision, as Kristin Marie has co-written the song Moving Like That which will be performed by Swedish Omar Rudberg. Melodifestivalen, as the show is called in Sweden, has their final on the 12th of March.

The Eurovision final will be held on May 12 in Turin, Italy.