The change agents

A council for greater multicultural diversity in the music industry

Skrevet av Tina Brodal 02.06.2021


In an industry that sees itself as open and accessible, there is still a lack of diversity. In December 2019, Music Norway set up a council which was given the task to challenge us to work with this, both in our own workplace, in our projects and in music environments where we travel and meet.

We have been able to work with a strong and competent team that will use their voices to challenge old structures and influence today's decision-makers.

- After a lot of pizza and workshops (and a pandemic), we are proud to introduce this team which has now become our Change Agents. We have defined the challenge and task at stake, and established the council, and now we hope a systematic effort over time will contribute to reaching more people and being a door opener for many.

— Kathrine Synnes Finnskog

The council consists of industry professionals from the Norwegian music industry with a multicultural background, and with different expertise and experiences to share. The council will contribute to a general awareness of issues related to diversity and inclusion in the Norwegian music industry, in addition to giving recommendations on measures that create a more inclusive industry and thus contribute to more people feeling represented and respected in music environments that are perceived as closed and limiting.

- The council develops its own measures, contributes to the development of existing projects and facilitates so that our activities become inclusive and reduce barriers to participating in a music industry that needs a diversity of cultures, voices and ideas, says Synnes Finnskog.

In June 2020, Music Norway and Balansekunst released a guide for multicultural diversity (in Norwegian) in the Norwegian music industry. A rich music industry needs songs, albums, videos and concert experiences that tell different stories and offer a variety of voices, perspectives and expressions. The guide named “Døråpneren” (The door opener) presents tips on how the music industry can work for increased diversity.