The music industry is ready for Øya International

Guests from 18 countries are ready to participate in the delegate programme.

Written by Tina Brodal 07.08.2023

OYA 22 Mixed Zone Onsdag 18 10 16 Foto Helge Brekke BR50337

Next week is all set for Øya International, an annual delegate program where international agents, A&Rs, promoters, bookers, PR and press with an emphasis in the popular music field make the trip to the popular Øya Festival in Oslo.

The program which runds from August 8th to 12th is seen as one of the most important platforms for international music industry professionals to meet the Norwegian music industry. The program consists of a meet & greet session, speed meetings, visits to Holmekollen and zipline at Kollensvevet with the best view of Oslo, a boat trip to an island outside the city centre with an insider's guide to the live music industry in Denmark, visits to the renowned Munch Museum, as well as a couple of intimate concerts for the participants only throughout the stay.

Network in the Mixed Zone
At the festival, Music Norway has a separate "Mixed Zone" area, where several happenings will take place to enable mingling and network with each other. The Orchard, InGrooves and FONO (with Music Nest Norway) are partners throughout the festival at the Mixed Zone area from Wednesday to Friday, from 5:30pm-7 pm. Mina Ingebretsen, International Export Manager at Universal Music Norway, is one of the Norwegian delegates that is part of Øya International.

- I’m really looking forward to this years Øya International and festival, and the opportunity to meet all the international delegations coming in for it. To build new and rich connections that has the potential of further build of Norwegian artists internationally and the international reps equally. Alongside showing them some of the very best Norway has to offer in terms of music, people and the extraordinary city/nature living Oslo has to offer, Ingebretsen says.

Several participants from international press are making the trip to cover the festival, which in recent years has both won awards and has been referred to as the world's greenest festival. Last year, the festival received several positive international press reviews.

Check out the entire program for the Øya Festival here.

Øya International is financed by the Øya Festival and Music Norway's Organizer grant, with grants from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and several Norwegian Embassies.