Emerging markets – mulighetene og fremtidsutsiktene

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Oslo, Norge


Matsal B
Analysis from MIDiA Research and Goldman Sachs has revealed that the number of subscribers to streaming services will keep on rising in the coming years. They also predict that the biggest growth will happen in emerging markets in the southern hemisphere and south east Asia, while the growth of subscribers in Western markets is likely to slow down.

The digital revolution has made music more global than ever, and there are currently more opportunities than ever to communicate across borders. Markets like China, India, Brazil and Mexico are picking up the pace. We have invited some of the key industry professionals from the heart of these markets – come and learn about the possibilities and future projections from these markets, which are growing more and more relevant.

Maithe Bertolini (Producer and Programmer, Sao Paulo)
Mariana ‘Malfi’ Dorantes (General Director, MalfiCo)
Roochay Shukla (Marketing Manager, Outdustry)
Cecelia Gu (Founder, SCG Group)

Helene Dolva Broch (Senior Advisor, Music Norway)