Digitalt Trade Mission Tyskland - elektronika

Starter  —  Slutter
Fra  —  Til

Oslo/Berlin, Tyskland

Melanie McClain, A&R Secretly Group

This workshop will investigate the current state of international music and media markets as much as looking at the effects of the pandemic on the German market in particular, while also providing an overview about the emerging new Web3 technologies and the new strategies they are opening up for the music industry.

The last 18 months have been a fundamental shift in the ways music and media markets operate. With the complete lack of touring income due to the pandemic and the inequalities of the streaming economy leaving an even bigger impact than ever on artist income, artists and the music industry at large are facing even more uncertainty when it comes to fundamental questions regarding the sustainability of music as a business. At the same time the development of new technological tools and platforms was expedited - the rise of NFTs and Web3 technologies in 2021 shows that there’s not only an urgent need for new business models, but that other models are potentially possible.

Speakers will be:

Melanie McClain, A&R Secretly Group
Thumbnail Bas Grasmayer
Bas Grasmayer, Community Lead COLORS
Thumbnail Clement Bihorel
Clement Bihorel, Product Developer Keyko
Thumbnail Anton Teichmann
Anton Teichmann, Owner Mansions and Millions
T Mberlin
Terry Weerasinghe, COO Boiler Room