We are looking for composers for KUPP 2.2



Apply for participation in KUPP 2.2

KUPP is a development program for young, promising composers under the age of 35, initiated by the Norwegian Composers' Association, Talent Norge, NB Noter and Music Norway with support from Talent Norge, Sparebankstiftelsen DNB and the Norwegian Composers' Fund.

We are now looking for six composers under the age of 35 who want to work with a focus on international profiling in the period of 2023-2024.

The purpose of the program is to educate and assist the composers in their international career, with the aim to create more collaborations, performances, and greater understanding of the international music industry. As part of the programme, the composers are commissioned to compose for an ensemble, preferably based on existing or desired collaborations. The composers will receive a composer's fee and some funds towards production and promotion. As part of the programme, the composers will also have to focus on securing performance(s) of the new work.

The program will be led by Music Norway and the Norwegian Composers Association in a close and dynamic collaboration with the participants, to link the program content more closely to the individual participant, based on conversations and understanding of where each composer is in their career, which projects they are working on and in which direction they want to develop.

The program runs over the course of one and a half years and consists of workshops, mentoring sessions, promotion, networking meetings, composing new work as well as meetings with artistic directors, festivals directors, record companies and other relevant people in the industry. There will be four or five 2-day workshops, where the composers work both in groups and individually. By participating in the programme, the composers agree to take part in the workshops and to work actively and purposefully between the gatherings in the programme.

KUPP 2 1 Smoga
The composers from KUPP 2.1, together with Ida Habbestad, General Manager for the Norwegian Society of Composers (left), project leader for KUPP 2.1, Agnes Hvizdalek (left, sitting) and Kjell Habbestad, composer and professor (right). Read more about the composers at the bottom of this page. Photo: Norwegian Society of Composers.

Tentative dates for workshops:

  • Tue 12.09 – Wed 13.09.2023
  • Wed 08.11 – Thur 09.11.2023
  • Wed 07.02 - Thu 08.02.2024
  • Thu 25.04 – Fri 26.04.2024

In addition to the workshops, there will be individual meetings and follow-up.

It is preferable that all participants attend all the workshops. If you see any dates that do not fit, please let us know this in the application form.

The content of the program is put together by Music Norway and the Norwegian Composers Association. It is not necessary to be a member of the Composers' Association to be able to apply for participation.

Do you want to apply? Application form here.

Application deadline is 4th of August at 24:00