Ksenia “Kess” Jurjevna Petrova

Agent, Atomic Soul

Nordic Music Biz Top 20 under 30 / 2019

Ksenia Kess Jurjevna Petrova
Ksenia «Kess» Jurjevna Petrova: Agent, Atomic Soul, Norway

Ksenia Petrova, also known as Kess, is 27 years old and works as a booking agent at Atomic Soul. She’s been at Atomic for two years. Prior to her move to Atomic, she spent 5 years working with production, marketing and administration – amongst other tasks, at the club venue Blå in Oslo. Kess is currently working with acts like Djerv, Dreamarcher, Eddy & Zino, Fanny Andersen, Hkeem, Lucy Swann, Jesper Jenset, Jonas Benyoub, Jimmy Smash, Oliver Hohlbrugger, Otha, OMVR og Seksuell.

“Kess has got flair, an aura and smartness that will get her far in the music business. She is a fresh breath of air in a tough agent business, but with her guts, she makes good deals and earns respect from artists, international contacts and Nordic colleagues,” Kathrine Synnes Finnskog says.