Magdalena Kellman

Nora Affairs/ Nora Collective

Nordic Music Biz Top 20 under 30 / 2020

Magdalena Kellman
Magdalena Kellman, Managing Director, Nora Affairs / Project Manager Nora Collective, Norway

Magdalena works as project manager for the record label Nora Collective, one of the biggest labels and management companies for urban music in Norway. She works on projects across their whole roster covering anything from events, PR, booking, coordination and more. In Nora’s roster you find talents such as Arif, Unge Ferrari, Kapteinen, Musti, Aksel Carlson, Filip Kollsete, Mona Berntsen and many more.

She has previously worked for Music Norway's UK export office as well as the London-based ticketing app DICE,

haven built up experience and a network across European borders within different music industry areas.

Magdalena also runs Nora’s newly launched sub-company Nora Affairs, focusing on booking and events