Sverre A. Eilertsen

Head of booking at Bylarm/Parkteateret

Nordic Music Biz Top 20 under 30 / 2020

Sverre Eilertsen
Sverre Aksel Eilertsen, Head of booking/ booking manager, by:Larm & Parkteateret, Norway

Sverre is a self-made honest and extremely professional booking manager. He started his own booking agency while studying, including Jakob Ogawa on his roster. Since he finished his studies, he has quickly risen in the ranks. He has been working for loads of festivals and events, like Øya Festival, Piknik i Parken, Slottsfjell, Ultima, Trænafestivalen, Findings etc, in many different areas. In this way he has developed a tremendously good network, vast amounts of experience which gives him a unique competence to see the big picture. Sverre is currently booking manager for by:Larm and Parkteateret Scene at the same time. He combines this in an impressive and professional way. Sverre has an excellent sense of discovering new artists and gives them a stage to evolve in their careers. Sverre is a wonderful colleague who is extremely careful, fair, inclusive and not least very pleasant! Sverre is not afraid to share of his knowledge, he sees everyone and creates a good environment around him. From volunteering at festivals to have two leading roles with booking in Oslo, there are no limits to what Sverre can achieve in his career.