A guide to diversity in the music industry

Together with Balansekunst, Music Norway has created "Døråpneren" (The Door Opener).

Skrevet av Tina Brodal 25.05.2021

Fv. Yunus Daar, Roza Aghili Taslimi, Victoria Øverby Steinland, Einar Idsøe Eidsvåg og Samsaya Sharma.

Last week, Music Norway and Balansekunst released a guide for multicultural diversity in the Norwegian music industry. A rich music industry needs songs, albums, videos and concert experiences that tell different stories and offer a variety of voices, perspectives and expressions. The guide named “Døråpneren” (The door opener) presents tips on how the music industry can work for increased diversity.

It was also developed with the help of Music Norway's “Endringsagentene” (The change agents), a council for greater multicultural diversity in the music industry that was put together in December 2019.

The council was put together to challenge Music Norway to work with diversity in the workplace, in projects and in the music environments where Music Norway operates.

The council is composed of industry professionals from the Norwegian music industry with a multicultural background and with different expertise and experiences to share.

Roza Aghili Taslimi is a Change Agent, coordinator for the group and has created the diversity guide for Music Norway in collaboration with Balansekunst.

- For me, it was important not to offer a "quick fix", but to create a guide who respects the work that needs to be done for a more inclusive music industry. I hope that with this guide more people can see themselves as a possible "door opener". The unique thing about this guide is that it is a combination of experiences from the Change Agents, linked to the knowledge of Balansekunst, says Taslimi.