Networking at Øya Festival

Øya International during Øya Festival is one of Norway's largest international delegate programmes.

Skrevet av Carl Kristian Johansen 08.08.2022

From Mixed Zone Øya International 2019.

We are finally ready for Øya International again, the first since 2019 and is held during the Øya Festival week from Tuesday August 9th through Saturday 13th of August.

In total, we have over 80 international and 40 national music business professionals with us this year. The program offers formal and informal networking gatherings, so everyone will have a good opportunity to meet and get to know each other well.

This year's programme:

Wednesday – Saturday:

Meet & Greet at the Mixed Zone

This year we have with us this fine group of partners at the Mixed Zone:

The Orchard


Aspirants of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the minister of culture visit Mixed Zone

This year you will find the Mixed Zone at the bottom of Tøyenparken, right by the entrance to the festival and the old Munch museum. The area is open throughout the festival's opening hours and can be used to meet other participants at Øya International. Music Norway is present and available for good advice along the way.

Tuesday August 9th:Meet & Greet at club Blå downtown Oslo.

We welcome our international guests and take them out to Klubb Øya.

Wednesday August 10th:Speed ​​meeting:There will be hectic activity in the park when we merge the international industry with our own industry professionals. Over 400 meetings are carried out quickly and efficiently within two hours. This lays a good foundation for further conversations beyond the festival.

The Munch Museum:Sigurd Wongraven of Satyricon takes us on a guided tour of "Satyricon meets Munch". Experience an atmospheric and different meeting between music and visual art in one of the Munch Museum's largest halls. For this exhibition, the black metal band Satyricon has created a specially composed piece of music which is combined with selected paintings and graphic works by Edvard Munch.

Thursday August 11th:We travel by ferry to Bleikøya Island in the Oslo fjord to get to know each other better and get a deep dive into Canada on an Insider's Guide. Here it will be fun and games, interspersed with some professional content. The trip helps to create memories for a lifetime.

Friday 12 August 12th:The new National Museum has finally opened its doors, and with former Øya chief Tord Krogtoft, now Director of business and markets at the national Museum, we get a introduction and an opportunity to experience the museum.