Festspillene i Bergen: Hva må til for å øke mangfoldet i klassisk musikk?

Fra  —  Til

Bergen, Norge


In concert halls, the music that is played is usually composed by white men and performed by white artists. What is being done to capture talent from across society?

There are few Norwegian performers with a minority background in the classical field, and in concert halls, music is rarely played by composers who are not white men. What do educational institutions and concert venues do to capture talent from across society? Can broader representation within the classical repertoire that is played affect the inclusion of minority Norwegians in the field?

This conversation discusses the potential for increasing diversity in classical music and what measures are needed. Can the classical field learn anything from the rhythmic field, and what is being done regarding diversity in classical music internationally?

Introduction by Kathrine Nødtvedt, commissioner for culture, diversity and gender equality.

The debate will be between violinist Tai Murray, program manager at Voksenåsen Summer Academy Anna Floren and moderated by Thomas Richard Hilder. Hopefully we can announce one last participant shortly and will add them to this thread.

Tai Murray will participate digitally. The conversation will be held in English.

Read the full program text here: https://fib.no/en/programme/ho...