Mundial Montreal 2022

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Montreal, Canada

Delta på Canadas ledende bransjetreff og showcasefestival for tradisjonsmusikk.

Hvis du har ambisjoner om å nå det Canadiske markedet og jobber med tradisjonsmusikk, er dette stedet for deg. Music Norway tilbyr gratis delegatpass og reisetilskudd. Festivalen har fokus på Norden i år i forbindelse med prosjektet "Nordic Bridges".

Ta kontakt innen mandag 19. september hvis du er interessert:
Aslak Oppebøen <>


Slik beskriver de seg selv:

Discover the best in new global music at Mundial Montréal, pairing Montréal's musical and cultural diversity with the world's. Known as North America's World Music Summit, the annual music industry gathering features one-of-a-kind concerts, a conference and networking events.

Mundial Montréal shines the spotlight on over 100 talented musicians from every corner of the world, from Canada to Spain to Senegal to Korea. The summit’s industry events also draw attention to the global socio-cultural climate, bringing together 300 professional delegates from more than twenty countries to develop their ideas around the future of world music.

The summit honours cultural heritage worldwide, including the interweaving of traditional and contemporary music, as well as a program focused on Indigenous music – the annual Indigenous Sounds Series features panel discussions and performances by eclectic Indigenous artists.

Daytime keynote sessions, panel discussions and meetings weave into networking dinners. Meanwhile, afternoon music showcases and evening concerts that run late into the night are all open to the public.

Mundial is also a festive way to discover Montréal during four days of festival on frenzied rhythms with mixed sounds.