Ultima: What About the Audience?

Fra  —  Til

Sentralen, Oslo, Norge

Skjermdump: ultima.no

Networking event: Composers, curators, musicians and promoters: How do you communicate with your audience?

All social situations, arts institutions and events have their own codes and specialist language. Forms of presentation, language, choice of venue and their visual layout are crucial aspects of communication. By being conscious of these aspects, we can better communicate about music that can be innovative, unexpected or totally new. In this respect it’s interesting not only to address the artistic content, but also to raise questions about who we are trying to reach and how different audiences can relate to the content and the context of the music.

Theater often talks about their contract with the audience – a contract which either implicitly or explicitly establishes rules for the public, telling them how they can engage with the performers, their surroundings and each other. The term is less common in musical contexts, but the questions it asks are just as relevant.

This networking event will gather various players from Norway and abroad. Together we will explore what tactics can be used to make the audience feel included and welcome, and in what ways these tactics can relate to the artists’ intentions. The goal is for you to be able to go home with new ideas and practical tools.

Contributors include organisation psychologist Fanny Duckerts, curator Bjørnar Habbestad (nyMusikk) and composer Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad, whose sound walk Travelling and Remainingis featured in the festival. Curator Ed McKeon (Third Ear, Goldsmiths) will moderate the event.

The event is part of Ultima’s international guest programme and is open to anyone interested in presenting contemporary music. As well as talks and group discussions, the event will also be a social and networking occasion, with lunch included.

The network event will be held in English.

Støttet av: Sparebankstiftelsen, Fritt Ord, Utenriksdepartementet og Music Norway