Roza Aghili Taslimi

Roza is a project coordinator at Music Norway, and responsible for Øya and by:Larm Festival.


+47 456 78 977


Roza coordinates small and large projects in Music Norway, and is responsible for Øya Festival and by:Larm Festival. She closely monitors our international market supervisors, and ensures that Music Norway's tools and instruments are connected to the Norwegian music industry. Roza is discontinuing the Åpent Hus seminar series, and makes sure that the content reaches new users, the educational institutions and relevant arenas across the country.

In addition, she is involved in all competence programs, assists in implementation and particularly follows up the Change Agents, Music Norway's council for multicultural diversity in the music industry, as well as Keychange. Here Roza creates both meeting places, organizes network gatherings and holds workshops for other organizations on diversity. Roza likes to moderate conversations or give lectures on diversity, inclusion and equality. Furthermore, she likes to attend conferences and is always involved when Music Norway creates events.

Roza has an education in Film and TV from the University of the Arts London, and back in Oslo she has solid experience from film and TV productions as, among other things, coordinator and casting manager. In 2019, Roza started the club and art concept Sweetcheeksxyou, which in addition to music has a focus on scenography and video art.